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  The Royal Crown Players of Roslyn High School have been in existence since the beginning days of the school. The organization has always prided itself on the professionalism of its productions. It has showcased the finest talent in the Roslyn community and fostered an appreciation for the theatre. Past productions have ranged from Shakespeare to original musical presentations.
  The theater program at Roslyn High School allows students the opportunity to explore many aspects of the theatrical performing arts within many different venues. The production year  consists of a fall and spring production.  An inclusive family, RCP has members not only on stage, but backstage as well, with the creative energies of set construction, choreography, lighting, sound, properties, scenic design, costuming, and make-up. Our students have an opportunity to learn to stage manage and tackle many many other technical endeavors. Our business staff publishes two playbills a year and specializes in graphic arts. Our box office staff creates and manages a computerized ticket system, while our computer staff maintains all of our computers.

  To becom
e a member of the Royal Crown Players, only interest and a desire to be around other students interested in the theater is all that is needed . Everyone is welcome to audition for any of our shows or be involved as a "techie". Overall, the theater program fosters teamwork and discipline while also having a great time.
  RCP is a “real life” activity, from the nurturing of a script and score to the presentation of an opening night performance. The culmination of different students and talents with unselfish attitudes and the same creative aim, for your enjoyment, appreciation, and love for the theatre, we are the Royal Crown Players.


  Look up ‘actor’ in many careers publications, and the message can be dispiriting. Yes, it’s hard work, the hours are long and unsocial, regular employment is unlikely and, for many, income may be limited and need to be supplemented by temporary periods of alternative employment. But acting is a profession in which the personal rewards are immense.  After all, how many careers are there where you can make a living doing something that you really want to do? And for a significant number of actors, the financial rewards can be very healthy indeed. Of course not everyone is going to achieve a illustrious careers. But for many others, sufficient income can be generated by work in theater, film, television and radio to provide a decent living for the individual and a family.


  No-one denies that acting is an increasingly competitive profession. It therefore makes sense to have as many advantages under your belt as possible. And certainly training at a recognized drama school is one of the greatest advantages of all. It provides not only the discipline, practical skills and intellectual understanding necessary for a lasting career, but also opportunities to be seen by agents, casting directors, theater and television companies, so vital to securing that all-important first job. May RCP graduates currently attend universities that have aggressive theater programs. We also have had a number of graduates go on to a career in performing both acting and singing, playwriting, production, technical production and theater business.


Like other liberal arts graduates, theater majors pursue a variety of careers. Some graduates apply their skills of critical reading, writing, and thinking to fields as diverse as business or law. Other graduates remain within the field and work in their chosen area—whether as actors, designers, directors, or dramaturges; as managers of theatres or arts organizations; or as critics and teachers. All of these career paths require forethought; some require graduate study.

                                                  Latest News    03-28-06

Here you can access information about The Royal Crown Players.  Our current production is Urinetown. For information about performances, cast or tickets please visit the links located on the main menu. All the latest news will be posted here. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please contact us at rcp.roslynschools.org. Thanks and enjoy the site!
 Urinetown Will Raise the Roof  Yes it is true.  URINETOWN will be the last RCP production in the present auditorium before the remodeling begins this spring. But it is not true that you can buy a ticket and take a seat with you, in fact the seats which are from the former ROXY Theatre in Manhattan will be refurbished. The auditorium renovation plans and renderings have been displayed for the RCP students and they are positively ecstatic to be the recipients of such a state of the art auditorium. Congratulations to David Helme, Superintendent of Schools and Tom Mohrman, Assistant to the Superintendent and head of Buildings and Grounds for all their effort and vision in securing the best possible facility for our students. BJLJ Engineers and Architects under the direction of Andrew Wong with Associate John Hayes have done a remarkable job in rendering the auditorium renewal from the inside out. Along with Mr. Mohrman and Mr. Helme, they have listened to the students, faculty, parents and community for guidance in such an important project. RCP and the Roslyn High School community are grateful for their efforts and frankly, we can't wait for the project to begin!

 Ticket Are Now On Sale Dod you buy your tickets yet for the funniest show in RCP history?  Really, you will not be disappointed. URINETOWN is a blast! Tickets can be reserved by calling the RCP Box Office at 625-6362. For more ticket information and choice seating click here.

 Urinetown! Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go!   For more information about Urinetown: The Musical, the story, cast, crew, times and dates follow this link. The cast and crew are working endlessly to produce the most magnificent and hysterical show ever to grace the Roslyn stage.

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