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Was performed November 15-17, 2008


The Cast of RAGTIME


Tom Eyerman


Amanda Shechtman

Younger Brother                      

Sam Hoffman

Little Boy                                  

Josh Wagner


David Herzka


Andrew Catalano


Sara Tazari


Alex Goldklang

Little Girl                                   

Meredith Shapiro

Booker T. Washington            

Devin Rossinsky

Harry Houdini                           

Eric Greengold

J.P. Morgan                             

Zack Fiddle

Henry Ford                               

Danny Buslik

Emma Goldman                      

Alexis Shaw

Evelyn Nesbit                           

Lizzie Greenwald

Stanford White                        

Max Rubin

Harry K. Thaw                          

Jon Tanton

Sarah's Friend                         

Elyssa Ackerman

Willie Conklin                           

Kevin Quinn

Fireman #1                              

Josh Azoulay

Fireman #2                              

Jonathan Repole

Fireman #3                              

Spencer Lindenman


Josh Azoulay

Jury Foreman             

Max Rubin

Coalhouse's Gang #1             

Vishal Singh

Coalhouse's Gang #2             

Hartley Abdekalimi

Coalhouse's Gang #3             

Josh Azoulay

Coalhouse's Gang #4             

Jon Tanton


Gabby Goldstein

Houdini's Mother                     

Sam Cheirif

Solo Man 1(3), 2                                  

Jon Tanton, Vishal Singh

Solo Woman 1, 2                           

Elyssa Ackerman, Jenna Winston

Train/Trolley Conductor          

David Herzka

Town Hall Bureaucrat             

Danny Buslik

Second Bureaucrat                 

Nicole Faerman

White Attorney                         

Rachel Korsen

Welfare Official                        

Mallory Levy


Ilana Silverman

Black Lawyer                           

Vishal Singh

Vice President Candidate     

Holden Silverman

Street Policeman                    

Jonathan Repole

Newsboy #1                             

Max Rubin

Newsboy #2                             

David White

Newsboy #3                             


Mrs. Whitstein                       

Jenna Winston

Admiral Peary                         

David Herzka

Matthew Henson                     

Vishal Singh

Baron's Assistant                    

Katie Goldman


Amanda Bralower

Charles S. Whitman  

David Herzka

Coalhouse Walker III               


Baseball Soloist #1, 2                

Vishal Singh, David White

Baseball Soloist #3                

Max Rubin

Baseball Soloist #4                

Jonathan Repole

Chorine Dancers                     

TBC (via audition)

Pax de Deux Dancers 

TBC (via audition)

Women’s Mini Chorus


Jenna Winston, Katie Goldman, Rachel Korsen, Gabby Goldstein, Amanda Bralower, Elyssa Ackerman, Emma Gluck, Katelyn McNelis

Men’s Mini Chorus


Zack Fiddle, Max Rubin, Vishal Singh, Jon Tanton

New Rochelle Chorus


Jonathan Repole, Spencer Lindenman, Zack Fiddle


Harlem Chorus   

Mallory Levy, Katelyn McNelis, Gabby Goldstein, Rachel Korsen, Katie Goldman, Jenna Winston, Amanda Bralower, Nicole Faerman

Vishal Singh, Hartley Abdekalimi, Josh Azoulay, Jon Tanton


Mariah Ditkowich, Elyssa Ackerman, Alexa D’Ambra, Talia Eshel, Emma Gluck, Ilana Silverman, Amanda Abrams,

Immigrant Chorus


Spencer Lindenman, Holden Silverman, David White, Larry Rosenblum



Rebecca Berman, Melissa Siller, Michelle Feldman, Katie Binder, Grace Yi, Michelle Lee, Samantha Sorscher, Caroline Trezza, Amanda Esraeilian, Elpida Despotis, Melanie Chaite, Sam Cheirif, Sara Cha, Melissa Siller, Soshana May,



                                            HISTORICAL TIMELINE OF "RAGTIME" and evedern America.

1897 - First Ragtime Song Published
William H. Krell’s Mississippi Rag is generally considered the first piece of ragtime music that was published. Ragtime, which had been evolving from African American music for many years, became wildly popular and the period from 1897-1917 would be coined the “Ragtime” era. Scott Joplin and Charles Lamb were considered the masters of ragtime. Coalhouse Walker, a fictional character, was probably modeled on them.

1899 - Harry Houdini Becomes Escape Artist Sensation
Hungarian, Jewish Immigrant Erich Weiss, calling himself Houdini, is encouraged during performances in New York City to focus on his handcuff and other escape tricks making him a national sensation.

December 17, 1900 - The New Ellis Island Immigration Station Opens
During the next 24 years, more than 22 million immigrants come through Ellis Island seeking new lives in America.

1900 - New Rochelle, New York
New Rochelle, a posh suburb of New York becomes home to some of New York’s richest families.

September 14, 1901 - President William McKinley Assassinated
While attending the Pan American Exposition, President McKinley is shot by anarchist, Leon Czolgosz. When he died eight days later, Theodore Roosevelt became president.

1901 - Booker T. Washington Publishes Up From Slavery
Booker T. Washington’s, Up From Slavery becomes a bestseller and has a major impact on the nation, especially the African American community. Washington, founder of the prestigious Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, becomes the most famous and influential black man in America. He is invited to the White House as the guest of President Theodore Roosevelt – a visit that many whites complained about bitterly.

1902 - The Morgan Library Founded
To house his growing art collection, J.P. Morgan, creator of U.S. Steel, financer of inventor Thomas Edison and the richest man in the world, commissions a magnificent private library to be constructed next to his home in New York City. The library will hold such treasures as an original Guttenberg Bible.

April 7, 1905 - Admiral Perry Reaches the North Pole
Admiral Perry and his first officer, an African American named Robert Henson, led the first expedition to reach the North Pole, sailing from New York.

June 18, 1905 - The First Movie Theatre Opens – “The Nickelodeon”
“Odeon” from the Greek word for theatre and “nickel” for the price of admission. Like the fictional Tateh in Ragtime, many of the early movie pioneers, stars and moguls had once been port immigrants: Louis B. Mayer from Russia, Sam Goldwyn from Poland and Charlie Chaplin from Great Britain. Many of the early films of the silent era actually did feature vaudeville stars such as Evelyn Nesbitt and Harry Houdini.

June 25th, 1906 - Evelyn Nesbit and The Murder of Stanford White
Gorgeous, Flora Dora Chorus Girl Evelyn Nesbit (one of the original Gibson Girl Models) appears on Broadway at age 16. She catches the eye of eminent Architect Stanford White, designer of Madison Square Garden. White allegedly seduces Evelyn and makes her pose for him, scantily clad on a red velvet swing. Later, she marries rich and volatile millionaire Harry K. Thaw. When he learns of Stanford White’s alliances with his new wife he becomes so infuriated that he shoots White in the rooftop restaurant of Madison Square Garden. Thaw is tried, but after Evelyn’s pleadings from the stand (for which she reportedly was paid a million dollars), Thaw is found not guilty by reason of insanity.

When details of this sordid case are revealed in court, Evelyn becomes famous, one of America’s first “bad girl” celebrities (the Anna Nicole Smith or Paris Hilton of her day). Evelyn cashes in on her fame by appearing scantily clad in a bawdy vaudeville act and becomes known as the “Girl on the Velvet Swing.” She also has a brief career as a silent movie actress.

1909 - Henry Ford and the Coming of the Model T

From 1909 –1927, Henry Ford produces more than 15 million Model T’s transforming personal transportation, the assembly line and America. The first Model T cost $825 and was available in a number of colors. Starting in 1913, model T’s were produced only in black, probably to speed up Ford’s legendary production line.

January 1912 - The Textile Strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts
One of the most significant struggles in the history of workers rights -- When state law reduces the workweek from 56 hours to 54 hours, Textile Mill Owners respond by speeding up their looms. Workers strike, protesting the hours and also the meager $6 a week wages. Led primarily by women and involved hundreds of immigrant workers (Strike literature had to be printed in 25 languages.) The National Guard
was called out, joined by thugs disguised as workers that the owners had hired. Violence broke out, but in the end, workers win salary concessions but even more importantly; the American Labor Movement gained a foothold in defining the American Dream.

February 3, 1912 - Emma Goldman Speaks at Union Square
Radical and social Anarchist Emma Goldman organizes a rally in support of the Lawrence Textile Mill Strikers. A Russian immigrant who had worked in textile mills herself was a leading labor advocate during the Ragtime Era. She also promoted feminist causes such as birth control and women’s right to vote. Her radical anarchist philosophy alienated her from many. The government considered her dangerous and
subversive. She was jailed numerous times and deported back to Russia in 1919.

June 28, 1914 - The Beginning of World War 1
Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnian Serb student, shoots and kills Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia. Bosnia had recently been annexed by the Austro-Hungarians. This is the duke that Little Boy in Ragtime has premonitions about, leading him to tell his mother and others to “warn the duke.”

May 7, 1915 - The Sinking of The Lusitania
The Lusitania, the fastest British ship afloat, is torpedoed by a German U-boat off the coast of Ireland. Probably because she was secretly carrying ammunitions to the British war effort. The ship exploded and only 18 minutes later slipped beneath the waves causing 1,924 passengers to perish. The sinking of the The Lusitania was instrumental in leading the United States into World War 1.

April 6, 1917 - The U.S. Enters World War I and the Ragtime Era Ends
With the U.S. entry into World War I, the “idyllic” era of ragtime comes to an end as the world fights “the war to end all wars.” When the war ends, ragtime is replaced by jazz, its upstart musical cousin. As the jazz age begins, the age of ragtime becomes a faded, but
glorious memory.



The Royal Crown Players Executive Board
Brad Frey, Director
Danny Buslik, President
Alex Goldklang Vice President
Alison Farber Corresponding Secretary
Gabby Goldstein, Recording Secretary
Sami Cheirif, Treasurer


Debbi Buslik, Jacqui Rossinsky - Co-Presidents
 Amy Goldman– Treasurer


                                                                  Brad Frey - Director & Advisor
Ron Weaver - Stagecraft Director
                                                            Brenda Santana - Choreography
                                                         Mardi Braun - Producer, Costumes

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